Iiveturnaround and I went to Valve headquarters today and got a tour. We were only planning on loitering outside the building but we couldn’t find it. Walked around Bellevue downtown and walked into city hall by accident because there wasn’t a building with Valve’s logo on it. We stopped by an intersection where google maps showed we were right by the location. If it weren’t for these two teenage boys who had just come out a building with Valve gift-bags and merchandise, we would have missed it. We were hesitant about going up unannounced but they insisted the tour guide was extremely nice.

So we went up the elevator and lo and behold…

Valve HQ

The tour guide, Mary, who was also one of the receptionists, was just starting a tour and welcomed us in. She led us through four floors and showed us various work and play rooms as well as a great deal of concept art. We saw the infamous hat wall. The two boys who had shown us the way had put up a latex horse head. I recognized one of Protowilson’s cards up on the wall. Afterwards, we went back to the lobby, received goody bags and took pictures.

Those are the class lithographs, taken from a phone. The company also had their own portal gun on display!

Planning to send Mary and the Tf2 team some fanart as thanks!

[EDIT: Whoops, we actually went last Wednesday on the 6th. I wrote this post on that day and saved it as a draft. Then, forgot to edit it]

I am so jealous asdgkjkl